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Star Trek

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Peter Anspach (who says he is too lazy to maintain his own Web page :-) has written a series of parodies, each of which attempts to answer the deep philosophical question: "How would Starfleet's finest go about the task of changing a light bulb?"

You may read the following parodies, provided that you comply with Peter's wishes:

If you enjoy them, feel free to pass them along or post them elsewhere; I only ask that (1) you do not alter them in any way, and (2) be sure to give credit/blame where due.

To contact the author (who welcomes your comments), send email to

The Parodies

* TOS: Who Shall Bring Us Light? (16.9k)
Kirk and his crew must change a light bulb to save the Enterprise. Can they do it in the face of savage tribesmen, a wily Romulan, and (worst of all) Federation bureaucracy?

* TNG: The Change (16.9k)
With Geordi in charge, changing a light bulb should be a piece of cake. But when an unruly Ferengi ambassador and a malfunctioning holodeck interfere, Picard must cope with the crisis as only he can.

* DS9: Beacon Of Hope (18k)
A spatial anomaly and fluorescent light spell trouble for Sisko and his crew. Odo is hot on the trail of a master criminal, but with time running out they may all soon walk with the Prophets.

* VOY: Illumination (18.3k)
Alone in the Delta Quadrant. Weakened by a Kazon attack. Janeway and her crew are about to face their greatest challege ever: a burned out light bulb. Can they change it, or will they be doomed to darkness?

* ENT: Radiant Orb (19.6k)
Vulcans on one side, Andorians on the other, and a broken bulb in the middle. A mining colony may hold the solution for Archer -- but only if Hoshi can decipher their strange alien language.

Other Humor

* The Evil Overlord List (24k)
Have you ever noticed that, whether a barbarian lord, a deranged wizard, a mad scientist or an alien invader, the Bad Guy always seems to make the same basic mistakes every single time? Well, here are the top 100 things that all aspiring Evil Overlords should keep in mind the next time they try to rule the universe.

* The Dungeon List (17.8k)
But of course, the Evil Overlord List only contains the Top 100 bits of advice; there's plenty more where that came from. (And feel free to send in your own suggestions!)

* Star Trek Lyrics (2.6k)
Take a look at the theme songs that Paramount originally considered for two of the Star Trek shows...

If you think these are humorous, you might like to see something I find humorous. Check out <>. (I like the Steven Wright quotes.)

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